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Our Fallen 

Never Forget


We remember our fallen: two-legged and four-legged.

We are mindful that the sweetness of enduring peace has always been tainted by the bitterness of personal sacrifice.
                Please focus on the empty dog crate and the small table which occupy a place of dignity and honor.  They are here to remind us of our fallen comrades who are unable to be with us today.
                The table is set for one, yet there are many represented by the single chair.  The table cloth is black, symbolizing the color of mourning; the ultimate sacrifice, a table set in honor of our fallen comrades.  The dinner setting inverted, for they dine with us in spirit only.  The bread plate is covered in salt, symbolizing the tears endured by the families of those who have sacrificed all.  The single lighted candle symbolizes the eternal flame and that their memory will live with us forever.  The red rose, displayed in a vase, reminds us of the life of each of our fallen and the family and friends who miss them each and every day.  The red ribbon tied prominently on the vase is a reminder of the blood they shed protecting the liberty so loved by our country.  The Purple Heart Medal is displayed to reflect the infliction of wounds and the ebb of life in battle.  The dog tags are blank, yet they could bear the name of service men and women of every creed and color, and from every state of the union.  An inverted wine glass represents the toast they cannot make with us this day.  The chair is empty, for they can sit with us no longer.  The leash on the back of the chair symbolizes the everlasting, eternal bond between dog and handler.  The empty kennel represents the life that our four-legged comrades gave in service to our country.  The kennel door is left open, indicating that the dog will not be returning.  The long line and collar on top of the kennel mean that no matter where they are; the dog is always attached to their handler’s soul.  The toy represents the unconditional love, joy, and companionship they gave . . . especially during the long, lonely months spent away from home.  The inverted food bowl and water bucket serve as a reminder that they are no longer here to fulfill their needs, for which in life they asked for no more in return than companionship and affection.

                Lest we forget.

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Military Working Dogs Killed/Missing in Action


MWD Marco, US Air Force, 20 January 2007
MWD Cooper, US Army, 6 July 2007
MWD Arras, US Air Force, 25 September 2007
EDD Razz, Royal Army Australia, 4 October 2007
RAVC-E Sasha, Royal Army UK, 24 July 2008
MWD Toby, US Navy, 26 November 2008
MWD Macy, US Army, 25 October 2009
IDD Rupert, US Marine Corps, 24 May 2010
MWD Tar, US Marines, 6 May 2010
RAAF/CER-E Herbie, Royal Army Australia, 7 June 2010
MWD Loke, Royal Danish Army, 13 June 2010
IDD Lydia, US Marine Corps, 29 August 2010
MWD Grief, US Marine Corps, 9 October 2010
IDD Cole, US Marine Corps, 15 October 2010
IDD Bingo, US Marine Corps, 25 November 2010
IDD Cane, US Marine Corps, 21 December 2010
RAVC-E Theo, Royal Army UK, 1 March 2011
MWD Patrick, US Marine Corps, 9 May 2011
MWD Hunter, US Army, 29 May 2011
MWD Torry, US Marine Corps, 1 June 2011
MWD Tosca, US Marine Corps, 31 July 2011
MWD Bart, US Navy, 6 August 2011
IDD Archie, US Marine Corps, 9 August 2011
IDD Sugar, US Marine Corps, 28 November 2011
MWD Fibi, US Army, 26 April 2012
IDD Tick, US Marine Corps, 14 May 2012
MWD Zora, US Marine Corps, 16 July 2012
SO/MWD Quake, Royal Australian Air Force, 25 June 2012
SO/MWD Devil, Royal Australian Air Force, 2 July 2012
IDD Heron, US Army, 27 August 2012
MWD Dinomt, US Navy, 30 September 2012
IDD Banon, US Army, 1 November 2012



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