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Service Dog Ripley

7 August 2017

"Ripley is almost 8 months old now and she has one more major phase of her training left. She will be returning to her trainers (Scents Imprints) in October. So far she has done pretty much everything needed instinctively with only a little bit of reinforcement training needed. She has performed beautifully in all of her tasks. She is the best companion and friend I could ever hope for. For the first time in longer than I care to think about I am able to go out into public, with large crowds and NOT be constantly stressed and agitated. Ripley has my back always and it is such a comfort. We have had our typical "Puppy issues", she has a habit of turning into "Destructo Mutt" when she is left to her own devices and bored... she thankfully outgrew pottying in the house quickly, she still likes to chew on everything but her chew toys... (there have been many Barbie incidents....)."

"As for me on 7/19/2017 I was in a pretty bad Motorcycle Wreck and ended up in the hospital for the majority of the time that Ripley was at training this last round. I am on the mend and slowly getting back on track. Ripley has been a huge help with my dizzy spells and vertigo. She is still not full-grown but at a little over 60lbs she is able to help steady and support me so that I don't fall, which has been huge for me over the last few weeks."

Eli also told me that Ripley has become very much a part of his family, even watching over them while she cares for him. She has performed amazingly on all levels and has shown what a properly screened, placed, and a trained puppy can do even in the first several months of her life!!!

This young dawg is making a huge impact on this young veteran! It sounds like a match made in heaven!!

In the first photo, you see a great, classic German Shepherd, and absolutely gorgeous girl! In the second you see this classic German Shepherd camped out under Eli's desk at work, must be a European tactical position!!!!

To the Dawgs!!!

11 March 2017

Another Huge day at Service Dogs for Veterans from the Rocky Mountain Dawgs Project! Time to roll out Service Dawg Team 4!! That's right, Team 4 was paired up today. Her, a beautiful German Shepherd puppy from Lonnie and Debbie Philpot, the same breeders responsible for bringing Team 3's Barret to us, though this young lady is a bit younger. As of today, she is known as Ripley, and she traveled with founder Kevin Sonka from Georgia to Colorado. Him, Sgt Elihu (Eli) Allen, a United States Army veteran with almost 19 years in service. He has worn many hats in the Army, mainly a Cavalry Scout, but today serves in the Colorado National Guard as an Aviation Fueler. Before 9/11 he did two tours in Kosovo and one in Bosnia. Since 9/11 he has served two tours in Afghanistan and three in Iraq, the last being cut short when he fell victim to an IED blast. Eli has fought against both the physical and emotional effects that his service has had on him. This makes him a perfect candidate for a Service Dog. Ripley is already making an impact on Eli and his family in the best way possible.

To donate toward our Service Dog Program for Veteran's with PTSD click below
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The Dawgs Project outlined 6.png
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