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Personal Sponsors

Below are some of the many that have donated to help us in our Mission. We are humbled by your generosity and we sincerely Thank You!

David Michael Sonka

Kurt and Lisa Sonka

Mike and Pam Sonka

Elaine Sonka

Don and Kim Thoutt

Lori Burns

Pat and Jennifer McGraw

Scott Kloberdanz

Janice Kosbab

Lisa Armstrong

Tammy Fross

Sue and Mike Mulqueen

Jim Taylor

Pat Wood

Dennis Sullivan

Jon & Shari Taylor

Kenny and Sarah Burn

Yodaton Rubins

Doug Miller Family

Rachel Conder

Lisa Armstrong

Gene and Mary Kay Poland

Julie Wright

Ed Warr

Edward Murray

Julie Schrock

Brian & Joy Collins

Bill Cooney
Ryan Mallery

Anthony Barbe

Joanna Roman

Travis Fleming

​Louie & Karen Hofing


Audrey Thoutt

David and Allison Gibbens

Brian Bowen

David Spronk and Lynda Hellman

David and Barb Cocetti

Marjorie Oreolt

Randy and Kim Benjiman

Chuck and Kim Klafka

Harry Spokes

Shaun Mulligan

Gina Todd

Phyllis Herd

Thomas Marks

Peggy Hanson

Larry Gauna

Norman Holden

David and Pat Cocetti

Daniel Stevermer

Tom and Sarah Myers

Sam Myers Family

Scarlett Doise

Tom & Tammy Jackson

Curtiss Hendel

Bryce & Stacy Thoutt

John and Shellen Shea

Bill and Becky Joyce

Leonard Francis

Kenneth Mason

Brad Johnson

Monica McLerran

Mike Manoukian

Kenneth Neal

Steve Ischay

Marty & Lora Schwindt

The Dawgs Project outlined 6.png
The Dawgs Project outlined 6.png

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