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Service Dog Koda

First Udate

Koda entered the Service Dogs for Veterans Program and was tasked with taking over where Toby left off with one of our first veterans, a Marine Corps Veteran.  As it turned out, our veteran was working as a truck driver and Toby did not do well in that profession.  It was too much time in the truck for him, and he didn’t like having to wait to play outside.  Luckily, our Marine was intuitive enough to realize that Toby was not the Service Dog for him.  He then found Koda (I do love the aka Rampage!).  This veteran enjoys a life of quiet and asked that we only use the name and pictures of his Service Dog.  But he also is a shining example of how our program differs from others.  With the beginning training knowledge that he had been given he has actually done much of the necessary work with his new partner, proving that we can help veterans to train their “Service Dog for Life”.  Thank you Marine, for your service and your determination in training this young Red Heeler, or “Rampage”!  



The following statement was provided by our Marine:


"Koda (aka Rampage) is a Red Heeler or Australian Cattle dog.   He turned 1 on January 10th.   I found him in Nashville, TN when he was 2 weeks old.  Koda is a very intelligent and very vocal dog and a little spoiled.     He will definitely let you know when he needs or wants something.   I started training him when he was only 6 weeks old and has come along way since then. He acts very well in public although we are still working on a few small issues.   He is a very well-traveled dog, traveling to 42 states since he was born.  He loves to play with just about any animal that will play with him although he does not know when to stop pestering them at times."    

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