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Service Dog Bo

October 2019

Kathleen Greer and our Giant Schnauzer Bo were teamed up in February of 2018 on the ice at a Florida Panthers hockey game.  The Florida Panthers are extremely supportive of our veteran community, and Kathleen had previously been showcased at a game as a veteran of the community.  The Florida Panthers Foundation stepped up huge and sponsored Kathleen and Bo, further proving their dedication to those that serve our country!  The first photo is of Kathleen and Bo with Danielle Jacobs of the Panthers at a veterans appreciation function that the Panthers hosted earlier this year.  Thank You to the Florida Panthers, the Panthers Foundation and all of their staff for bringing Bo into Kathleen’s life.  She recently told me, “Bo’s a gift from God.  Thank you so much!"

We had been working to get Bo certified early this year, but Kathleen suffered several health issues that slowed us down a bit and during this time Bo has proven himself to be very good at his job.  When Kathleen collapsed in a store Bo stood by her, comforting her until paramedics arrived, even staying with her in the hospital.  Kathleen’s husband Tony was there to help with Bo’s needs, but while in the room he performed his duties flawlessly.  Kathleen is getting back to normal and working on a few, final tasks and, hopefully, Bo will be certified very soon.

Second Update

On the evening of February 3rd, 2018, the crew from Rocky Mountain Dawgs Project was invited to the Florida Panthers NHL hockey game for a special event.  It was on this night that it became official, the Florida Panthers Foundation was to become the first full team sponsor in the Service Dogs for Veterans Program!

The team that was introduced that night was 25 year Army and Reserve Soldier Kathleen Greer and Service Dog Bo.  Bo is an 8-month-old Giant Schnauzer that just happens to be a rock star in his new profession.  I got to meet Bo before he was turned over to Kathleen and he is such a great dog!  He mixes youthful joy with a serious side that already is showing a dogged determination to serve and it is very obvious that he will grow into his role quickly.

In one photo you have the check presentation that occurred on Saturday night, in the second you see such a beautiful and regal profile of this young, four-legged hero.  In the first few days after his placement, he has grown into his new home without a hitch and has been to many appointments and public places with Kathleen, always shining like the rock star that he is.  There will be many more updates and photos to come!

Rocky Mountain Dawgs Project wants to, once again, say a HUGE Thank You to the Florida Panthers Foundation for the incredible gift that they have provided to a worthy veteran.  We also want to thank them for the incredible reception and program they put together at the game Saturday night.  Oh, and may I mention that they even provided us with a very exciting win over the Detroit Redwings on a goal with 7 seconds left!

More soon, Stay Tuned!!!

First Update

Bo is a 7-month-old Giant Schnauzer that is a really sweet boy and has a HUGE heart! Katie, our rock star trainer, has just begun working with Bo to put him on the path to becoming a Service Dog for Kathleen Ann Greer, our Veteran in Florida. Bo currently weighs in at 45 pounds and will grow like a weed for the next several months. I hope Kathleen has a large food dish for this future star!

Barring any unforeseen issues with this young dog, Bo will be introduced to Kathleen on February 3rd, on the ice, at the Florida Panthers home game versus the Detroit Redwings. We look forward to the game and our partnership with the Panthers as they provide full sponsorship for Kathleen and Bo!

We can not say "Thank You" enough to the Panthers Foundation for this sponsorship. With some time to bond and a bunch more training together Bo will have the capability to help provide the quality of life that Kathleen and every other veteran of this nation's armed forces have earned.

Welcome to the team Bo!

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