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Service Dog Barret

First Update

Barret is a thirteen week old German Shepherd that hails from Hampton Georgia, brought to us by Lonnie and Debbie Philpot, breeders or premier German Shepherd and Hanovarian Hounds.

Sfc. Tom Cauffman served in the United States Army from '84-'88 and returned, first to the National Guard but then active duty, in 2003. He is currently awaiting his retirement this summer. From his multiple deployments, he has suffered a traumatic brain injury, severe hearing loss, and PTS. Tom has had an older service dog that was trained for him several years ago, but she is in need of retirement so we at the Rocky Mountain Dawgs Project have chosen him to receive our third puppy.
Tom me Barret (whom he named) last Thursday when John and Katie from Scent Imprint for Dogs traveled to evaluate two puppies that the Philpot's had on hand. The first dog did not warm to Tom, but the second was almost magical.

"When I first went to meet him there were two siblings to choose from, a brother and sister. The female was standoffish, but the male jumped right up in my lap and then sat there between my legs and looked out ahead as if “I got this” and was watching everything around me as if he had my back. I knew then this was the dog for me. After John and Katie tested him and said that he would do well in their training program I was excited to know that I had a new battle buddy in training to watch my back.

None of this would have been possible without the assistance of The Rocky Mountain Dawgs Project and Scent Imprint for Dogs. Thank you all very much! I am excited to see what the future brings!" - Tom 

To donate toward our Service Dog Program for Veteran's with PTSD click below
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